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Were also on a mission to keep our planet fresh and healthy, looking at
stainless steel water bottles and reusable cups and beakers we can all play our part in a greener future


Hydration is the key to life, we are 2/3rds water and keeping it right is the fundementals of a healthy lifestyle. Luckily in todays world companies such as FOSH (see are out there and there pushing reusable water bottles which allow us all to hydrate so easily in a modern world.

Hate buying water? We all do and we dont have to, stainless steel water bottles are available, our top picks are from UK brand FOSH who are making massive headway into the reusable water bottle market.


Stainless Steel Water Bottles are clearly hear top stay, we explore our top picks in the current market and ask our readers to email us their favourite bottles for us to post at a leter date. We all can benefit becoming more healthy by simply drinking water, save money buying bottled water and use a reusable bottle, you will wonder how you ever got by without one once you try.


Nightime drinking is also essential and here we can see the older type screw cap stainless steel water bottles being replaced by the latest 'FOSH Vital flip' style water bottles, these are highly reccomended as our tester describes below: 

Using normal water bottles is something I dont think I will ever do again, there noisy to handle, the plastic crackles, there expensive and there bad for our planet so I went on a quest to find my 'perfect water bottle' and boy oh boy I did not expect to find a company like FOSH!

I have tried tens of water bottles but the latest offering from FOSH, the FOSH Flip Insulated Water Bottle beats everything I have ever seen. So why am I so excited over a humble water bottle? Well this one is beautiful, stylish, durable, it really does work and its flip lid makes me drink twice as much as normal and we all know that is the only aim of this article...DRINK MORE WATER. We almost feel like saying 'drink more water from your stylish water bottle' but maybe were just a bit excited for the products.

Stay hydrated everyone, stay healthy and stay alive.


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(Picture FOSH Beaker see
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