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1 Reserve a machine

Fresh and Healthy Vending machines will not compete with your current vending contracts. Fill out the above form to reserve your machine today, or contact Fresh and Healthy Vending representatives that are standing by to take you through the process step by step. Toll Free: 888.902.7558

2 Free Delivery and Installation

Fresh and Healthy Vending’s local ambassadors will make sure we get in and out as quickly as possible without disrupting your staff/visitors/students, etc. our white Glove service is professional and efficient.

3 Professional Local Vending Ambassadors

Fresh and Healthy Vending ambassadors understand the importance of maintenance, service, and quality products. All Fresh Healthy Vending ambassadors are trained vending professionals who understand vending from your perspective. We stock the machines, service the machines and we cater to all your vending needs. Our goal is make our program hands free to the location.

4 Reliable on-Line Reporting

Our on-line reporting system generates daily sales reports, allowing for convenient sales monitoring. As well as ensuring your machine stays stocked, and offers the premium products your students enjoy the most.

5 Receive Ongoing Profit Share Opportunities

Fresh and Healthy Vending offers locations generous commissions on all products sold through Fresh Healthy Vending Machines.

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You’re insured!

Fresh and Healthy Vending and any of its affiliate Vending Ambassadors carry a $2 million commercial general liability policy on each Fresh and Healthy Vending machine.

BONUS - Free Product Sampling Events

Your local Fresh Healthy Vending Ambassador can visit your location and provide your staff/visitors/students with free product samples allowing everyone the chance to taste our great products before they buy them. Once the machine(s) are installed we are happy to come in and let everyone test our tasty products.