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Our Vending Options In Corporate

Health & Safety

All Fresh Healthy Vending machines are equipped with health sensors that render a perishable product un-vendable if the internal temperature rises above a specific threshold. You can rest assured that patrons will never receive spoiled products.

No Cheat

The machine also has a “no cheat” feature enabled that does not allow a vend of any product if there is insufficient change in the coin box. This feature is enabled to ensure that no customer is short-changed.

Energy Efficiency (Energy Star Compliant)

All Fresh Healthy Vending machines are Energy Star compliant and LED lighted. All machines arrive with a built-in energy monitoring system that allows the machine to hibernate during non-peak usage times to conserve energy.

Guaranteed Delivery System

Have you ever lost your last few coins in a machine that ate your money? Remember shaking machines to get the products to fall? Not with a Fresh Healthy Vending machine! Our machines are built with a technology that ensures that the customer will either receive their product or get their money back…every time! No more refunds, no more jammed products!

Bottom Line

Fresh Healthy Vending machines are built to order with fresh, clean, and colorful graphics. The Guaranteed Delivery and Healthy & Safety systems guarantee reliability and peace of mind. Environmentally friendly and energy conscious, Fresh Healthy Vending machines are a great fit in any facility!