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Prime Outlets

San Marcos, TX
Tom Jenkins

We’ve just installed our fourth Healthy Vending machine this past week. We wanted to get our Fresh Healthy Vending machine installed in time for our big Spring Break retail period here at Prime Outlets.

The machines are vending from the time we open till the time we close. Many of our customers are sick of the junk food in a lot of our machines and have repeatedly asked us for healthier options! Many of our customers have commented positively on our healthy snacks and drinks and especially the mother’s with children. I believe we will end up putting our fifth Healthy Vending machine in the mall by Summer 2010.

Morristown Police

Michael Molner
President, PBA Local 43

The Morristown Police has recently been privileged to receive a Fresh Healthy Vending Machine at our Police headquarters and Town Hall. Our union had been looking into adding a snack machine to our lobby to offer food to our employees and visitors as well as gain some revenue for our union. I was fortunate to have been contacted by Fresh healthy Vending offering a healthy food option. This machine is amazing to say the least, by offering both food and beverages it saves space. Also the convenience of accepting credit and debit cards helps with sales. And the fact that the machine sends a report to the supplier when the product is running low ensures that we will always have snacks and beverages. It seems that everyday another employee is commenting on how great the machine is and how they enjoy the products.

Being a police officer, it is important to stay fit. By having fresh healthy foods to snack on instead of candy and high sugar, high fat foods it is a little bit easier to maintain our physical condition. I would recommend this machine and product to anyone and I hope that I see more of these machines replacing candy dispensers throughout the country. Thanks Fresh Healthy Vending!

Keesler Air Force Base

Paula Strawn, Services Business
Manager--´╗┐Biloxi, MS

We all do sometimes forget the cumulative effect of calorie laden snacks over time.

Smart Snacks' proposal to try out a Healthy Vending approach made great sense to me, and actually fit in nicely with our command’s general fitness goals.