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The Peddie School

Hightstown, NJ
Robin Gerber
Assistant Athletic Trainer

We have had a very positive response to our Fresh Healthy Vending machines as evidenced by the sales. When we are busy in the Athletic Center the machines are busy.

The machines are very reliable and if there is a problem Michael Bloome takes care of it before we even know there was a problem.

Michael communicates on a biweekly basis. His statements and checks arrive the same time every month. Never have to call him.

We decided to change to the Fresh Healthy system because it is in line with the direction the school is taking in terms of nutrition and it goes along with the schools Strategic Vision.

This has been a win/win situation for us and I would highly recommend these machines to anyone who is looking for this kind of product!

Graland Country Day School

Denver, CO


Boston, MA


Rosanne Malogolwkin,
Executive Director
La Cañada, CA

One of the best things that has happened to the YMCA-Cañada/Crescenta since we opened was having a Fresh Healthy Vending machine installed at our location.

We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from the kids, parents, and staff alike. It has been so popular that we have had to install a second machine recently.

 The fresh, healthy products taste great and we’ve been provided with great service by our operator who is in here practically every few days filling up the machines.

The Future of Vending

Fresh Healthy Vending
on Fox News

Prime Outlets

San Marcos, TX
Tom Jenkins

We’ve just installed our fourth Healthy Vending machine this past week. We wanted to get our Fresh Healthy Vending machine installed in time for our big Spring Break retail period here at Prime Outlets.

The machines are vending from the time we open till the time we close. Many of our customers are sick of the junk food in a lot of our machines and have repeatedly asked us for healthier options! Many of our customers have commented positively on our healthy snacks and drinks and especially the mother’s with children. I believe we will end up putting our fifth Healthy Vending machine in the mall by Summer 2010.

Middlesex YMCA

Patrick Connelly,
Senior Director
Middletown, CT

In the fall of 2010 we began to examine alternatives to the soda and snack vending machines that had been here at our YMCA for years. It was our goal to offer our members a convenient way to make healthier snack options and hopefully at the same time increase our vending revenue. Fresh Healthy Vending has succeeded on all counts.

Convenience & ease of operation: With a single phone call and a few emails we were on our way to hosting our new machines. The local franchise operator met with me in advance and since has been very responsive. The machines themselves are easy for members to operate and accept credit cards directly.

Healthier options: Our Fitness Director describes herself as a “health food nut” and she observes that the machine has the same products that are in her home. The variety of products is nice and there is something for everyone (not just the health food nut). My own 4-year-old son always wants to get something from the machine (even when I pack a snack) and there is always something that he likes and it’s not junk.

Increase our vending revenue: Not only is the percentage of revenue share better than we were receiving with our previous machines, but our sales have increased. Our YMCA members are generally health seekers that are trying to make healthier choices and Fresh Healthy Vending has really resonated with them.

The YMCA has as one of its areas of focus “For Healthy Living.” Fresh Healthy Vending is a simple way to move closer to putting that statement into practice.

Brea Community Center

Renee Talbot, Manager
Brea, California

Families are enjoying the Fresh Healthy Vending machine so much that we have to restock the machine every few days. Everyone that comes into our center is attracted to the machine. I have had many parents comment on how happy they are because we have given them and their families and opportunity to eat healthy foods.

We are encouraging healthy choices to all of our members, guests and employees. It is also part of the new Y logo mission.

Morristown Police

Michael Molner
President, PBA Local 43

The Morristown Police has recently been privileged to receive a Fresh Healthy Vending Machine at our Police headquarters and Town Hall. Our union had been looking into adding a snack machine to our lobby to offer food to our employees and visitors as well as gain some revenue for our union. I was fortunate to have been contacted by Fresh healthy Vending offering a healthy food option. This machine is amazing to say the least, by offering both food and beverages it saves space. Also the convenience of accepting credit and debit cards helps with sales. And the fact that the machine sends a report to the supplier when the product is running low ensures that we will always have snacks and beverages. It seems that everyday another employee is commenting on how great the machine is and how they enjoy the products.

Being a police officer, it is important to stay fit. By having fresh healthy foods to snack on instead of candy and high sugar, high fat foods it is a little bit easier to maintain our physical condition. I would recommend this machine and product to anyone and I hope that I see more of these machines replacing candy dispensers throughout the country. Thanks Fresh Healthy Vending!

Beaver Country Day School

Tim Parson, Director of Finance & Operations
Chestnut Hill, MA

Our first FHV machine, in our gym lobby, was a big success, so we recently added a second machine in our student lounge. Students, parents and staff have been drawn to the range of snacks and drinks, which are nutritionally better and more “upscale” than vending options previously offered. The machines work very well, taking debit and credit cards in addition to cash, and transmitting inventory data so products can be promptly re-stocked. Finally, all the FHV people that we have dealt with have been professional, friendly and helpful.

Aviara Oaks Middle School

Carlsbad, CA

We have had our machine up and running at Aviara Oaks Middle School for a couple of months now and have been very impressed with the quality of service, our students’ response to the products, and the profit share that we receive. It is great to be able to supplement the food that our cafeteria offers with the alternative healthy snack choices. The machine is always clean and well tended. We are very happy with the program and highly recommend it to any schools looking to shift the eating habits in a healthier direction!

Albert Einstein Academies

David Sciaretta, Middle School Principal
San Diego, CA

We are not seeing the Cheetos, the soda, the energy drinks, those products we’re trying to get rid of. We don’t have to mandate that they not happen. This is really taken the place of those other products. This has been really successful for us, as well as the student body.

Keesler Air Force Base

Paula Strawn, Services Business
Manager--Biloxi, MS

We all do sometimes forget the cumulative effect of calorie laden snacks over time.

Smart Snacks' proposal to try out a Healthy Vending approach made great sense to me, and actually fit in nicely with our command’s general fitness goals.

Davis Athletic Club

Ryan Beede, Owner
Davis, CA

We introduced Healthy Vending at Davis Athletic Club and it has been enormously successful. Our club members love this machine and we want to add a second machine to be placed at our Club within the next 30 days. All health and fitness clubs in the U.S. should offer healthy vending in order to “practice what they preach!”

Billings Family YMCA

Tina Postel, CEO
Billings, MT

Our members like having alternatives to unhealthy soda and chips. Kids beg parents for anything out of the machine and this gives parents better options.

At the Billings Family YMCA we have strict standards for which foods qualify as fresh and healthy. Our franchisee was receptive to working with our YMCA dietician to establish clear guidelines for which items could and could not be sold in the machines.

One of our key areas of focus is Healthy Living. Healthy Living must include healthy eating habits in addition to exercise. Many of our families here at the YMCA have crazy, hectic schedules and often eat and snack on the go. A majority of quick snacks often include unnecessary sugars, saturated fats and artificial ingredients. We were happy to partner with Fresh Healthy Vending to provide better alternatives for those families on the go.