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Fresh Healthy Vending In Corporate

Corporate Wellness and Fresh Healthy Vending go hand in hand

Corporate Wellness and Fresh and Healthy Vending truly go hand in hand toward a healthier future in the work place. Fresh and Healthy vending will work along side your administration and employees to understand your corporate wellness goals and customize our machines to provide tasty and convenient healthy snack and beverage choices. As a result your employees will become healthier and happier, creating a reinvigorated work place when your employees are performing better.

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Did you know...

Your office will save money through increased productivity and reduced insurance premiums. What is good for your employees, is great for your company!

A Fresh and Healthy Vending partnership will compliment any existing corporate wellness policy or current program. With Fresh and Healthy Vending at the corporate locations, the program now will include a tangible food and beverage element, which will excite and encourage employees. As they pass our machines they will be reminded of their healthy new lifestyle initiated in their office. Take the guess work out of a third party vendor, with professional and reliable Fresh and Healthy Vending!


YES! We offer generous commissions on the products sales.

We Can!

We can partner with corporations seeking corporate wellness, as well as corporate wellness firms.

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